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Forever in the Shadows

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“When City of Vancouver staff pit low barrier housing against schools and parks, everyone loses.” - Brian Palmquist (thanks to Brian for the image on shadow impact).

The jarring realities of the shadow impacts on the elementary school and Delamont Park that have come to light are shocking and sad, as analyzed by Brian Palmquist.  The 3D modeling of the amended proposed tower by Stephen Bohus, shows where and when the shadow impacts occur in these 3D renderings.  Images are worth a thousand words even though the massing models are meant to be accurate representational massing models of the building form, there’s no denying that the proposed tower is extremely imposing to the immediate streetscape and the neighbourhood surrounding it.

It’s also revealing to take a look at quality of info provided by planning dept and the dimensionless drawings in staff report for proposed tower (2086-2096 West 7th Avenue), with no design updates on rezoning info page (hearing June 28).

Not only is the building form too large for the neighbourhood, the process to-date has been mired with flaws, deception and misrepresentations.  One would normally have a level of expectation on process from a multi-level government funded project for a project of this scale to do better.  However City Hall Watch finds the details for the recently announced updates in the project scope to be inadequate.

These blog posts will have you asking more questions of the City than you will have answers. This is just one more example of how BC Housing and the City have mismanaged this proposed development from the very beginning.