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Recommendations for Vancouver Mayor, Council and Park Board

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The 2022 Vancouver Municipal elections are scheduled for October 15th, 2022.   Advance in-person voting commences on October 1st, 5th, 8th, 11th and 13th at specific locations.  Voting locations on the day and in advance will be open from 8 am to 8 pm. 

The Ballot

Each candidate has their official randomly assigned ballot number beside their name.  This number is intended to make it easier to identify your preferred candidates on the ballot when casting your vote.  Take note of the number or print this page.

You will need to bring two pieces of ID, one of which must show your address and one of which must have your signature.

These are our recommendations:


  • 53 HARDWICK, Colleen (TEAM)

Councillors (up to 10 to be elected)

  • 100 NARDI, Sean (TEAM)
  • 103 MONTAGUE, Brian (ABC Vancouver) 
  • 113 KIRBY-YUNG, Sarah (ABC Vancouver)
  • 116 DE GENOVA, Melissa 鄭慧蘭 (NPA)
  • 127 BROWN, Cleta (TEAM)
  • 135 ROBERTS, Stephen P (TEAM)
  • 143 QUAN, Grace (TEAM)
  • 144 NIJJAR, Param (TEAM)
  • 147 TIELEMAN, Bill (TEAM)
  • 150 ZARRABIAN, Arezo 蘇勵安 (NPA)

Park Board Commissioners (7 to be elected)

  • 208 BARKER, Tricia (TEAM)
  • 221 KIMURA, Kumi (TEAM)
  • 222 LARSEN, Kathleen (TEAM)
  • 223 MOLLINEAUX, Michelle (TEAM)
  • 224 PASIN, Dave (NPA)
  • 225 BUCKSHON, James (TEAM)
  • 227 AUDLEY, Patrick (TEAM)

School Board Trustees (9 to be elected)

  • 311 AGGARWAL, Rahul (NPA)
  • 313 CHIEN, Alfred (ABC Vancouver)
  • 314 FARIDKOT, Preeti (ABC Vancouver)
  • 316 JUNG, Victoria (ABC Vancouver)
  • 319 VAUGHAN, Ashley (NPA)
  • 321 GOODINE, Nadine C (NPA)
  • 325 KLJAJIC, Milan (NPA)
  • 328 ZHANG, Josh (ABC Vancouver)
  • 330 ALAM, Matiul (TEAM)

Additional Information

We recommend voting in advance if possible, to avoid election day congestion or unforeseen circumstances on the day.

While there are 10 councillor seats, you can vote for less than 10. For example, voting for 6 candidates is acceptable. There are a total of 137 candidates running for 27 positions.  This is why knowing the ballot number is helpful. 

The breakdown is as follows:

  • 1 Mayor (15 candidates) 
  • 10 City Councilors (59 Candidates)
  • 7 Park Board Commissioners (32 Candidates)
  • 9 School Trustees (31 Candidates)
  • 3 Capital Plan Questions, (voter approvals for city borrowing)

Recommended candidates were either actively engaged and opposed to the 7th/8th and Arbutus rezoning application, and/or they showed support for listening to community input, transparency in the city process and data-driven decision making. 

We understand these candidates are committed to working to remediate past and future errors and poor decisions city-wide as well as those made at 7th and Arbutus.  We believe they will make well-informed decisions citywide, affecting how the city addresses mental health, addictions, homelessness and public safety.

Please return here to check for updates, as we hope to add candidates, who choose to engage with us. 

Also if you have not already done so, please read our article, “Why your vote counts more than you think.