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Congratulations to Our New Mayor and Council!

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The 2022 Vancouver municipal elections are complete, with unofficial results now available on the City’s website. Official results will be published on October 19th at 4 pm.

Kitsilano Coalition would like to congratulate Ken Sim and ABC Vancouver on their decisive victory, which we hope and believe, signifies a change in direction for the city and the people who live here.

Thanks also to all candidates, from all official parties, and all independent candidates, who were not elected. Thank you for your effort and commitment to our democratic process, by stepping forward to run, and promote your platforms. Democracy is allowing all voices to be heard, and your involvement is key to this, regardless of the outcome.

Congratulations to the successful candidates below, and we're looking forward to supporting you in your hard work to greatly improve our city.

Unofficial Results as of October 16th, 2022

Mayor (one to be elected)

SIM, Ken - ABC Vancouver: 85,732 votes

Councillors (10 to be elected)

KIRBY-YUNG, Sarah - ABC Vancouver: 72,545 votes
DOMINATO, Lisa - ABC Vancouver: 70,415 votes
MONTAGUE, Brian - ABC Vancouver: 68,618 votes
KLASSEN, Mike - ABC Vancouver: 65,586 votes
MEISZNER, Peter - ABC Vancouver: 63,275 votes
BLIGH, Rebecca - ABC Vancouver: 62,765 votes
ZHOU, Lenny - ABC Vancouver: 62,393 votes
CARR, Adriane - GREEN: 41,831 votes
BOYLE, Christine - OneCity: 38,465 votes
FRY, Pete - GREEN: 37,270 votes

Park Board commissioners (7 to be elected)

JENSEN, Scott - ABC Vancouver: 71,174 votes
HAER, Angela Kate - ABC Vancouver: 63,635 votes
CHRISTENSEN, Laura - ABC Vancouver: 63,618 votes
HOWARD, Marie-Claire - ABC Vancouver: 63,407 votes
VIRDI, Jas - ABC Vancouver: 58,709 votes
BASTYOVANSZKY, Brennan - ABC Vancouver: 58,247 votes
DIGBY, Tom - GREEN: 39,243 votes

School Trustees (9 to be elected)

JUNG, Victoria – ABC Vancouver: 69,027 votes
CHIEN, Alfred – ABC Vancouver: 67,326 votes
ZHANG, Josh – ABC Vancouver: 64,370 votes
RICHARDSON, Christopher JK – ABC Vancouver: 64,048 votes
FARIDKOT, Preeti – ABC Vancouver: 63,807 votes
REDDY, Jennifer – OneCity: 44,534 votes
MAH, Suzie – COPE: 42,379 votes
CHAN-PEDLEY, Lois – GREEN: 41,356 votes
FRASER, Janet – GREEN: 41,179 votes