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The Rezoning Application heads to Public Hearing

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The Referral Report for the 7th/8th and Arbutus Staff report went before Council on Tuesday, May 17th.  The Kitsilano Coalition provided a letter prior to this meeting to Mayor and Council, highlighting the deficiencies, disinformation and errors in the report, with the intent to ensure the referral contained fact-based information. Given the extensive issues with the report and the new amended application, we were hopeful that Council would make a recommendation to not refer this report to Public Hearing, and instead direct the applicant to rework this report.
Disappointingly, as the above vote shows, the report on the rezoning application did receive majority approval, and the application will now move to a public hearing. Whilst there was a debate on this the outcome was expected but disappointing.
We encourage you to take some time to view this portion of the meeting here:
This is an 8-hour recording, and the referral report for W7th/8th and Arbutus is at the 6-hour 37-minute mark.  You can see the dialogue between the Mayor and Council and the process for Public Hearing as the next step.  
As this has now been sent to Public Hearing, City Councillors are no longer allowed to engage with the public on this topic until Public Hearing (or else they may be excluded from voting). 
The date for the public hearing has now been set to June 28. You can take action now! Please visit here.